Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reader Recipe Testing! Day Three

The Chefs: Lisa and Frankie

The Menu: The upper half of the plate is off-limits for description, but guess what? The bottom half is filled with non-reader recipes, so we'll tell you all about them! First, in addtion to the testing recipes, Lisa made a fresh salad with spinach, various lettuces, and pinenuts with a light, citrus-based dressing. Frankie, who's ever the adventuresome chef, decided to try out a pickled lotus root recipe from The Millennium Cookbook, which added not only a lovely visual element but also added a delicious flavor to the meal.

The Goods: We've certainly gone from fasting to feasting over here! With so many great recipes to try it's even more tempting than normal to just eat to our little hearts' content. Let's just say that some of us are going to be doing a tad more excercise than we usually do. In addition to being healthy, active vegans, is there any kind of excercise that always makes you feel revitalized after a bit of overindulgence? (Or, in our cases, a week of overindulgence?)


VeggieGirl said...

Another delectable meal - I'm DYING to know what all of the contents are on the plate!! :0)

I don't believe in overindulging - I enjoy food each and every day, in a good, healthy amount. Why feel bad about food, or guilty?? I also remain very active - I do kickboxing, am a competitive dancer, walk everywhere, and do belly-dancing for relaxation as well.

Sarah said...

Veggiegirl, that is such a great response to the question! Though I cant say I could say the same. I always feel guilty after I eat too much, but I have to say I find my solace from running. The runner's high is too amazing and afterwards I am so energized I just want to run all over again. Dancing is also one of my big ones, after learning a hard routine it just feels great to do all the counts with the group in sync and feel the rush.

Im so dying to get running again, once Im out of school, I'll be running every evening!