Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Simple Scramble

The Chef: Elizabeth

The Menu: Oh tofu scramble, you never let us down. An amalgam of lacinato kale, red bell peppers, lots of pinto beans, tofu, curry seasoning, and love, today's one-pot main dish was as satisfying as it was mindless to throw together. To add just a touch of interest, Elizabeth also produced some tortilla-toast points and a delicious corndiment (aka, corn roasted with salt and pepper and then blended). In Elizabeth's perfect world, every meal would be topped with avocado.

The Goods: Sometimes you need to make lunch for your lovely (and hungry) co-workers. Sometimes you have no idea what to make and autopilot totally takes over and, sometimes, that's exactly what you need. Recipes that you can make with your eyes closed are godsends for when all your creativity is invested other projects—say, planning a party or editing a magazine. What are your favorite auto-bot concoctions?


FunkyFrum said...

tofu meatloaf. i could make it in my sleep

Erin said...

Pasta with cheesy sauce, easiest thing to make.