Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dumplings, Darling

The Chef: Aurelia

The Menu: Delicious dumplings, a tempeh taste test, and some more of that Argentinean carbonada from Tuesday's lunch. With inspirations from Indonesia, South America, and Asian/Italian-fusion land, the dishes today certainly brought an international flavor to our lunch table. Since these are all testing recipes, we're going to stay on the quiet side, but let's just say that no one left the table hungry.

The Goods: Would the world potentially be a better place if we all got to eat dumplings in the sunshine every day? We think so. Also, you may notice the strips of tempeh on the plate. Those would be new potential flavors from Turtle Island Foods. We can't tell you anything about what the flavors are, but suffice to say that our jobs here at VN get just a little bit more fantastic when we get to try yummy foods before they hit the market. In other we-love-what-we-do news, our brand-spankin' new Music issue landed in our hot little hands today, and we just couldn't be more excited about it. Want to get in on the thrill? Make sure and get your tickets to our Music Issue Launch Party before they sell out!

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