Friday, September 2, 2011

Vegan Tacos & Nachos

The Chef: Jennifer

The Menu: Smoky soy curls, Food for Lovers vegan queso, roma tomatoes, Tofutti sour cream, and nachos piled high with Yves fake ground beef and Daiya pepperjack cheese.

The Goods: I fell in love with soy curls the moment I tried a bite of Native Bowl's Mississippi Bowl while in Portland, OR for Vida Vegan Con. They reminded me of seitan strips but more flavorful, so I made sure to snag some in the Whole Foods' bulk bins before I left Portland, land of amazing vegan eats. While at VVC, I met the lovely Julie Hasson, the chef/owner behind Native Bowl, and found a smoky soy curl recipe in her Vegan Diner cookbook. So I whipped up some tacos and nachos for dinner. And what makes a great dinner even better? Leftovers for lunch. I need a hearty lunch after shopping at our very own VegNews Vaute Couture Pop-Up Shop! Discounts on the fall collection + awesome sales on Vaute Couture's past items + Fat Bottom cupcakes = happiness. Just add in some soy curl tacos, and I'm ready for Labor Day weekend. (Psst ... the sale continues on Saturday, so don't miss out!)

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