Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grateful for Café Gratitude

The Chef: Colleen and Café Gratitude

The Menu: I Am Fortified, a heaping bowl of steamed quinoa topped with sauteéd seasonal vegetables, sunflower sprouts, and a delicious tahini-garlic sauce

The Dish: I am a huge fan of the local healthy dining spot, Café Gratitude, and never seem to eat there enough. What started off as a gaming salon years ago at 20th & Harrison (just blocks from the VNHQ) has now blossomed into eight locations, plus one sister restaurant (our beloved Gracias Madre down the street). So when my brother visited our offices today to help out with a project, I knew where we needed to go for lunch. In addition to the I Am Fortified (all menu items are listed as affirmations), I sipped on the very-luscious I Am Cool, a chocolate-mint smoothie with raw cacao nibs. It was a lovely lunch, and I wholeheartedly recommend it on your next visit to San Francisco. In fact, if you're still wanting to squeeze in that late-summer road trip, vegan style, VegNews has done all the work for you. Check out our just-launched Ultimate Vegan Road Trip over on VegNews.com! Bon voyage.

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