Friday, August 6, 2010

Pizza, Pizza!

The Chef: Abby

The Menu: Pizza! Abby prepared two tasty pizza pies with crispy, homemade crust, slathered in rustic marinara and topped with cheddar and mozzarella-style Daiya cheese, black beans, and veggies including mushroom, tomato, and onion. Abby paired our pizza slices with a lovely side salad of romaine, onion, black beans, tomato, and mushroom. Bellissimo!

The Goods: If you haven't noticed, we're pretty big fans of pizza. The many virtues of vegan pizza are daily romanticized in these here offices, so today's lunch was, lets just say, greatly enjoyed. Sadly, Colleen, Joseph, and Lyndsay missed out on our pizza bounty, as they are in the Midwest for a weekend of sun and vegetarian fun at VeggieFest Chicago in Naperville, Ill,. If you hail from the Chicagoland area, be sure to stop by the festival, meet VN staffers, and renew your subscription. Happy weekend, everybody!


peasandlove said...

YUMMMM! Well, except for the Daiya. Sacreligious, I know, but I don't like it. :( So, do you guys get to eat this for lunch? I am so jealous! I wish I worked for a place that made me a vegan lunch everyday! Do you ever post the recipes along with the description? I would like to make some of the stuff you post, but wouldn't know how to re-create it without a recipe.

vegansweetiepie said...

I love mixing the mozz and cheddar daiya!