Monday, February 1, 2010

Caribbean Stew

The Chef: Lyndsay

The Menu: A hearty, healthy meal of Caribbean Stew, based on a recipe by Robin Robertson. Lyndsay served this delicious mixture of beans, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, coconut milk, and spices over perfectly fluffy couscous. A simple salad with greens and avocado made the perfect side.

The Goods: Though the torrential rain of last week seems to have cleared up for now, it's still overcast and chilly out, and this stew was the perfect mid-day warm-up. We're also all fired up about the VegWeb Recipe Showdown. Of course, you've already voted for your favorite VegWeb recipes to appear in the May+June issue of VegNews, but just in case you know anyone who's lagging, voting will stay open until midnight on Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

This looks delicious--is there a recipe anywhere?