Monday, April 7, 2008

Special: Cheese Alert!

The Chef: Dr. Cow

The Menu: The most amazing cheese tray we've ever come across. Pictured above are the cashew, macadamia, and hemp varieties of Dr. Cow's raw, vegan, aged artisan cheese. Yes, all those adjectives are true, and yes, the cheese is phenomenal.

The Goods: Getting to taste brand spankin' new vegan cheese may be the best job perk of all time. Dr. Cow's cheeses are so new that they aren't yet listed on the company's website, but you can find a more in-depth description on The Discerning Brute, blog of the wonderful, cheese-bearing Joshua Katcher, who is Dr. Cow's PR man. The whole VN office was floored by both the taste and texture of these diminutive wheels, and we predict you'll be hearing about them much more in the future. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, maybe some magazine you know will just have to host a few wine and cheese parties...) Excuse us, we need to slip into an absolutely delicious cheese-induced coma now.


Anonymous said...

I'm craving cheese now!!

Courtney said...

Holy cow! (no pun intended) We MUST try that! Now I know why I love to read this blog everyday- you guys get the scoop on all the good stuff!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I've been hearing good things about Dr. Cow & hope to get my hands on some soon!

Doodleyboo said...

No! Really??? Yippeee! Wine and cheese party here I come!