Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Roxanne's Raw Revelry

The Chef: Roxanne's Fine Cuisine

The Menu: A raw-food smorgasbord! We dined on Tu-Nut Pinwheel Sandwiches, Sweet and Spicy Cashews, Seasame Glazed Sprouted Almonds, and those two delectable little dollops you see at the bottom of the plate are incarnations of Nutmilk Cheeze—regular and Garlic Onion. Ms. Jenny generously offered up a fresh salad of romaine, bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes, though the accompaniment was hardly necessary as Roxanne's dishes were as filling as they were organic (the whole line is certified organic!).

The Goods: It was completely fitting to have a fine-food lunch, as we had reason for celebration in the office today—the birth of Ms. Colleen. To complement the lovely raw food, we thoroughly enjoyed an over-the-top delicious picture-cake from MaggieMudd. In case you can't see, that's one Mr. Johnny Depp inviting Colleen to call him up:
Happy birthday Colleen and a happy Johnny Depp to all!


VeggieGirl said...

Between the raw-food smorgasbord lunch plate, and the vegan Johnny Depp cake (Johnny Depp makes me swoon!), this lunch is, hands down, my FAVORITE among your posts!

Vegan_Noodle said...

That is an awesome cake.... Johnny Depp is such a hottie. Happy birthday Colleen!

Tracy said...

OMG, what an absolute hoot that cake is!! I wish I had access to that place here in Hooterville, cuz I'd get them to whip me up a batch of Brad Pitt cupcakes..(cuz I would never be be satisfied with just one...;o)Rawr..

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

Those pinwheel sandwiches look delicous. This may be a silly question, but what's in them? Cute cake, btw ;)

springsandwells said...

Happy Birthday Colleen!
It's good to know that Maggie Mudd is doing photo cakes. Too bad they're just a bit too far from Santa Cruz! My boyfriend has been talking about an ice cream cake with a picture of spaghetti on top. I know, I KNOW! It's weird, but it would be fun to actually get him one some day!