Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gobs of Greens

The Chef: Elizabeth

The Menu: All the vegetables that are fit to eat. After today's earlier foray into the flour-based, fried, and frosted arena, Elizabeth went with a simple and raw theme for lunch. A big salad of greens, sunflower seeds, avocado, tomatoes, and grated carrots and zucchini paired with a raw, marinated kale salad from our January+February Raw Food Feature to make a light yet filling lunch.

The Goods: With doughnuts for breakfast there's no way we could have eaten one of our large, elaborate lunches today. Thankfully, we have a little practice at this whole raw thing. What are your favorite after-indulgence meals?


VeggieGirl said...

kale = VeggieGirl obsession :0)

I'm a high-raw vegan, so of COURSE I'm a fan of the Pure Food and Wine restaurant in NYC - perfect raw indulgence :0)

LNastasi519 said...

I also eat mostly raw-vegan. I would say I love a good juice cleanse after indulging! I just got back from Florida (Sublime Restaurant..YUM!) so I cleansed on Monday and I feel great! :)

LNastasi519 said...

I am going to Pure Food and Wine for my anniversary in May! I live in NJ so the city is only 25 min away and I yet to try it! I am so excited!! I even requested a seat in the garden!!