Friday, March 16, 2012

Vegan Pizza Forever!

The Chefs: Rashida and Paxti's Chicago Pizza

The Menu: Vegan deep-dish pizza with spinach, red onions, and melted Daiya cheese, topped with crushed garlic.

The Goods: There are few things better than a steaming-hot vegan pizza delivered to your doorstep, especially when the view outside your office looks like this and all you want to do is have a dance party to '70s hits indoors, where it's dry and warm (true story—this just happened). I promised myself that I would abstain from anything but salad and greens for at least a week following our trip to Expo West, at which I definitely overstuffed myself sampling our Best of Show contenders … but one mention of Patxi’s gooey, cheesy, spinach-and-onion-loaded pizza had me abandoning my ascetic intentions faster than you can say “juice cleanse.” Health shmealth, pass me another slice!


Michelle Larson said...

I am so happy to hear that Patxi's pizza not only tasted good, but kept the rainy day blues far away! We appreciate the positive review.


Kay S said...

We have had Patxi's deep dish pizza twice (once in SF and once in Palo Alto) It is hands down the BEST vegan pizza we have ever eaten. We are from the Midwest and would love, love to be able to get vegan Chicago-style pizza here that is so delicious. Any interest in opening a branch in WI, Patxi's??