Monday, January 12, 2009

Pretty Pancakes

The Chef: Lyndsay

The Menu: A return to one of our favorite lunch themes: brunch! Ms. Lyndsay busted out some absolutely delicious pancakes, which we generously drizzled with maple syrup. As a savory side she scrambled up some sausage-style t.v.p (textured vegetable protein, for anyone not hip to our jive) and broccoli.

The Goods: You might recall that we went a little pancake crazy not too long ago, and now have about 800 bags of pancake mix—to go with our 800 pounds of craisins—just waiting to be whipped up into yummy lunches. Aside from the obvious (aka making pancakes) what's your favorite use of pancake mix? Let us know in the comments and you just might see your suggestion put into practice in an upcoming post!


DJ Karma (of VegSpinz) said...

Sounds like cranberry pancakes are in order! I like savory pancakes too, with green onions.

Bar said...

Looks very yummy!!

xxx bar

EL said...

A couple times I made pancake breakfast sandwiches that hubby loved! I loved them too but he's the real test! Made the pancakes as usual, made tofu scramble, some vegan sausage patties, and FYH Cheese... Used the pancakes as my 'sandwich bread' and filled it with the fixens. Hubby dipped his in maple syrup and i stuck with it on its own. DELISH:) The second time we made it, i repeated all of the above except used soy bacon strips. good stuff!! Last time, we were in a rush and husband just rolled his up in a pancake, like a wrap and took it to go. same taste, different style:)