Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cookbook Week: The Tropical Vegan Kitchen

The Chef: Elizabeth

The Menu: A trip to the tropics! Well, at least a lunchtime taste transportation to the tropics. From Donna Klein's brand new book, Elizabeth whipped up a pile of Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadillas. You might notice that the black beans in the photo are looking a little pale, which is primarily due to the fact that they are pinto beans. Even with the substitution, these 'dillas were delicious thanks to their secret ingredient—green chiles. Crispy whole-wheat tortillas wrapped everything up, and a side salad of kale, lettuce, craisins, and shredded carrot completed the meal.

The Goods: Yeah, about being a vegan in the tropics. About that. If Klein's book is any indication of the tropical vegan lifestyle, you very well might be getting future Café VegNews dispatches from the shores of the Caribbean. Today's chef is strongly in favor of implementing this strategy. The bright flavors of the quesadillas perfectly matched the optimistic mood we're all in following today's inauguration!


DJ Karma (of VegSpinz) said...

So glad to hear and see so many great veg cookbooks and blogs out there!

The Traveling Vegetarian said...

Yum. Yes, please.