Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cosmic Casserole

The Chef: Aurelia

The Menu: An out-of-this-world sweet potato casserole, which Aurelia topped with layered phyllo dough and Parma. Yes, we are wearing our extra-fancy pants today around the VNHQ. Not only did she bust out the delicious main course, she also prepared a quinoa, corn, and dried cranberry (or craisins, if that's how you roll) salad, which she garnished with crispy onions. Finally, a simple mixed-green salad with a perfect vinaigrette finished off the meal.

The Goods: If there's phyllo dough in the office, you can bet that Aurelia will up her already high culinary ante. We couldn't be happier about this fact, and would encourage anyone who's been shy toward this crispy dough in the past to break out and give it a try. Speaking of trying new things, if you've never tossed craisins in your grain salad before, you're crazy! We are the proud owners of roughly 800 pounds of craisins thanks to the generosity of Ms. Abby, who left them in our hands in order to avoid being charged for taking them back to Missouri with her. Thanks, Abby!


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Abby said...

HAH! Love it! Craisins 4 Lyfe.

Miss you all!