Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mucho Mexican Food

The Chef: Colleen

The Menu: A delicious spread of crispy corn tortillas, savory black beans, sautéed bell peppers and onions, and salsa. Um, yum. The fantastic main course was accompanied by some absolutely outrageously good oven-roasted potatoes and a large, fresh salad with orange slices and marinated tofu. Yes, we could totally eat like this all the time. Like, right now—even having just eaten.

The Goods: Aside from the highly satisfying meal, the goods today include the fact that we're in full swing again here in the VNHQ. Elizabeth is everyone's envy with her fabulously stylish arm sling (and purse full of heavy-duty ibuprofen!), and is thankful for the warm wishes. There's lots of work to do, so it's great to have a full team on the job.


DJ Karma (of Vegspinz) said...

I really shouldn't be looking at that when I'm hungry and miles away from food(drool)... Marinated tofu in the salad is a great idea!

Not Another Omnivore said...

I just came across this site, it's fantastic!