Monday, December 15, 2008

Cold-Fighting Curry

The Chef: Joseph

The Menu: A delicious double-duty sweet potato curry. Joseph went all out today, adding sweet potatoes, dinosaur kale, beans, garlic, and spices to a really excellent yellow curry, which he served over a blend of rice and amaranth. The whole thing came together as one fortifying, satisfying meal. Oh, and that little bowl on the side? That would be some freshly popped popcorn which was drizzled with Earth Balance, nutritional yeast, and Parma. Yes, there are health benefits to popcorn—we'll just have to get back to you later about what they are.

The Goods: Today's regularly scheduled chef is out sick, so Joseph stepped in to make sure we all didn't starve. A couple other staffers have been under the weather, so a seriously healthy meal was definitely in order for today. During lunch we discussed some of the most extreme cold fighters—like chewing on cinnamon sticks, consuming more green chiles than is usually humanly possible, and all those other wacky "traditional" cures. What are your best bets for staying healthy during cold and flu season?


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Ooh, that sounds so nice in this icky weather! I like to load up on zinc, citrus, & garlic to keep from getting sick. I must smell quite odd!

Lauren said...

yum! That looks delicious! I use emergen-c when I am starting to feel sick. And extra vitamin c and echinacea!

The Veggie Queen said...

I have 2 very good things to help prevent a cold and possibly help when you have it, plus 1 that's good to get rid of it.
There is a product called Sinus Buster that contains cayenne and echinacea. Get that going right away when you don't feel well.
Also, taking medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi and a blend with other mushrooms boosts immunity.
Using a neti pot helps cold congestion, especially if you use an aromatherapy salt. The Sinus Buster guys sell one that's great (according to my husband).
And last, drink lots of tea and make soup that contains garlic, hot peppers, shiitake mushrooms, greens and a hit of miso at the end. It almost always makes you feel better very quickly.