Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stand-Up Soup

The Chef: Elizabeth

The Goods: Soup! Even though the sun was bright and shining today, a few of us are still fighting off colds, so soup seemed the simple solution. Elizabeth whipped up a "cream" of broccoli, using potatoes as the base for this thick, hearty soup. Yes, the broccoli on top is being totally supported by the soup underneath it. For an extra immune-system boost, there might have been enough garlic in the pot to keep us all healthy for the next year, or at least there was enough to make the soup yummy. To balance the density of the main course, Elizabeth made a light salad and served the remaining basil biscuits from yesterday.

The Goods: We easily could have sat outside and soaked in the sun all afternoon, but then there's this whole "publishing a magazine" thing that's supposed to happen. In case anyone wants to invent some sort of device that allows for maximum editorial productivity while simultaneously absorbing our necessary daily vitamin D by sitting in lounge chairs, we might know a few eager customers.

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