Friday, October 3, 2008

Joe Surprise!

The Chef: Joseph

The Menu: A hearty meal of black bean stew served over fluffy basmati rice. Joseph seasoned the stew with all the "c" spices (well, okay, some of them), including cumin, curry, and chili powder. Of course, no meal at the VNHQ goes un-Parma-ed, and today's main course was no exception. Joseph also made one of his signature everything-in-the-kitchen salads, which featured fresh butter lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and chopped broccoli.

The Goods: You know it's a special day when Joseph stops in to make lunch. Today was no exception to that rule as we are all aflutter getting ready for tonight's big party! Oh, not to mention World Veg Festival Weekend. Oh, also not to mention the relaunch of Or that the editorial deadline for the January+February issue was on Monday. Yeah, okay, maybe we've been a little bit busy recently. Of course, the topic of conversation was last night's vice presidential debate, which we all watched. So let's hear it, what did you think?

1 comment:

VeganView said...

That looks soo good, and the greens look incredibly fresh! Yumm...I thought Biden rocked the house last night. Obama 08 baby!