Friday, October 10, 2008

Curry Picante

The Chef: Lyndsay

The Menu: One of the spiciest dishes to have graced our plates in ages! Ms. Lyndsay made a hearty, delicious, and very very spicy green curry. She simmered potatoes, garbanzo beans, and butternut squash in a thick coconut-milk based curry sauce, and served the entire dish over brown basmati rice. Alongside she prepared a fresh salad of greens, carrots, and tomatoes, which offered us a little respite from the heat of the curry.

The Goods: Did we mention that today's meal was extra-super-hot, spice-wise? Because it was. Maybe some of us are still sweating. Maybe sweat talk isn't totally appropriate on a food blog. Maybe. While the palates of the office vary in our heat thresholds, we all enjoyed the immune-system boost from today's heat, since there are still a few sniffles hanging around the office. Something else we all agreed on was the deliciousness of dessert, which was kindly provided by one Joseph Connelly. He brought in the new Lovely Oh's—aka chocolate-covered sandwich cookies from Liz Lovely—and let's just say, there aren't many of them left. In case anyone is wondering, chocolate seems to be very effective at cooling a mouth afire with spice. Here are the three varieties we tried: regular, mint, and peanut butter, and Joseph's highly fashionable headwear.

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