Monday, May 12, 2008

Tofu Scramble Burritos

The Chef: Jenny

The Menu: Burritos bursting with savory scrambled tofu, arroz con Moros—traditional Cuban rice and black beans cooked together with red bell pepper and spices—lettuce and fresh avocado. With so many veggies packed into the perfectly soft tortillas, there was no room for salad on our plates or in our stomachs. The arroz con Moros is as filling as it is easy to make, and, of course, we always love a tofu scramble.

The Goods: It's sunny, it's Monday, and we got burritos. Life is good. For the first day back in the kitchen after all of our non-cooking last week, today's lunch started our week off right. We were busy little explorers this weekend, so make sure to visit Press Pass and check out all the fun we've been having.

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