Thursday, May 8, 2008

Taste Test Thursday: Curry Compilation

The Chef: Aurelia

The Menu: Myriad ready-made meals! Continuing with the taste test theme for today, Aurelia whipped up a variety of Asian-inspired packaged meals, and complemented them with perfectly fluffy rice and curried sweet potatoes with tomato. We sampled Kerala Vegetables from Tasty Bite and the Bangkok Beauty and Sherpa's Delight curry-flavors from Going Native. Oh, and you may notice a little extra curry (because there's no such thing as too much curry!) from Jenny's awesome lunch on Monday.

The Goods: When the taste-test fever hits the VNHQ, there's no stopping it! We love trying out all kinds of great, new, vegan products and getting to tell you all about them. In case you were wondering, the theme carried over into our dessert selection as well: We tried French Meadow Bakery's Peanut Butter Bliss Cookie Bites. These all-natural, slightly salty treats were a nice balance to the spiciness of the curries. We may get crazy and actually cook something tomorrow, but no promises!

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