Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rice, Beans, and Love

The Chef: Jenny

The Menu: Cuban comfort food. Spiced basmati rice with peas and red bell pepper, pinto beans in a savory sauce with handfuls of fresh parsley, enchiladas—made from frozen vegan taquitos, a slightly sweet homemade enchilada sauce, and, of course, more Teese—and chunks of perfectly ripe avocado filled us up today.

The Goods: Can you tell the plates are bigger today? On some days, it's fun to use the smaller plates and pile 'em high with salads, but not when Jenny cooks. For meals like this, it's key to get out the larger vessels and fill them full. Poor Ms. Jenny has been under the weather, but was feeling well enough today to get back in the kitchen. This meal, she said, would at least help her feel better psychologically, if not physically as well. Love is always the most important ingredient! For more on the subject, check out VN Publisher Joseph Connelly's "Whole Lotta Love" in our current issue.

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