Monday, March 10, 2008

Alfredo Alleluia

The Chef: Jenny

The Menu: Today's dish was a mouthwatering revelation, to say the least. Armed with asparagus and sweet potato fixings, Jenny turned out a supreme Alfredo sauce made from white vegan cheese and her magic touch. Toss this sauce with hearty brown rice pasta, a side salad of mixed greens with homemade balsamic dressing, and you can kiss your case of the Mondays’ goodbye!

The Goods: Jenny's rendition of the seemingly hard-to-veganize cheese Alfredo sauce had a dead-on resemblance in taste and texture to the real thing. Put your worries to rest, former cheese lovers, there is life after vegan if you’re willing to try your turn watching it melt, experiment with complementary flavors, and always check faux-cheese labels for pesky additives such as casein. Adding soymilk and Earth Balance are just a few hints to help you replicate your favorite cheese sauces from the days of yore.

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