Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The Chef: Elizabeth

The Menu: As you may already know, the VNHQ is in San Francisco. As you may also already know, we like treats. So, combining the elements of "San Francisco" and "treat," Elizabeth created a tomato-infused take on a certain boxed rice product. In fact, her dad tends to make this as a side dish, though to be fair, his usually turns out much better. Today the rice cooker decided to act up, so while the rice does have little pieces of browned angel hair pasta, said pieces got a little mushy during cooking. What can we say? This may be why Elizabeth chose a career in magazines and not the culinary arts. Curried carrots and garlicky collards, however, are pretty much un-screw-up-able, despite some valiant efforts.

The Goods: You know, we are pretty lucky to get a nice, hot lunch for free every day here at VN, even when someone's having a slightly off chef day. Ok, now get back to work!


VeggieGirl said...

hey, that "rice-a-redo" looks perfect to me! and I love the curried carrots and garlicky-collards side-dishes. makes for one quite delicious meal!

Veggie Cookster said...

The curried carrots sound wonderful! :)