Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Creamy Soup, Roasted Squash

The Chef: Elizabeth

The Menu: Tricky cream of broccoli soup, which of course means that there isn't any cream in it. The trick part lies in blending up some waxy Yellow Finn potatoes and (shh, don't tell anyone) a handful or so of cashews. The creaminess makes it feel decadent, but then, blammo, there's the broccoli to bring back the nutritional edge. For sides, we got a little treat of cinnamon, cumin seed, and paprika roasted acorn squash. This is a favorite around the VNHQ; it makes the whole office smell like warming cinnamon. To round out the warmth, we had a quick salad with apple, yellow bell pepper, and avocado, and finished everything off with more rolls from Elizabeth's mom. She is still awesome.

The Goods: Did we mention that it's cold here now? Of course, it's not cold like other parts of the country, but, dang, we needed some nice, hearty soup to warm us up today. Since we got a big bag of the potatoes in our weekly organic grocery delivery (check out Organic Express if you're in the SF area!), a creamy soup was the natural fit. Yum!


VeggieGirl said...

I'm so fascinated by that 'tricky' cream of broccoli soup - brilliant!! just goes to show that you do NOT need dairy products (ick!) to make creamy, delicious soups :0)

speaking of cold weather, it started snowing today where I live :0\

jd said...


I'm so excited about the new VegNews blog! I just found out about it in your newsletter...

Oh, & judging by the delicious looking pictures on it, I'm sure this will be a great (& hunger-inducing) reference for me in the future - thanks :)

beatmaster23 said...

hello to everybody there.

i've been a vegeterian for some 2 years now and enjoying it to the max.

the idea of having a blog is wonderful and i will write about it on my own blog. however, i think that the pictures need a little bit more oomph, if you know what i mean. they look quite amateurish and i, for one, would LOVE to see things that look more like a 5-star restaurant thing rather than your typical vegetarian restaurant at the beach...

by the way, any advice on opening a vegetarian café???

hungryhungryhippo said...

Rock on Elizabeth's mom with the rolls!

The pictures are wonderful and have a great organic goodness to them. I could only wish to work in such a cool environment that masters up these lunches.