Monday, November 26, 2007

Simple Soup

The Chef: Aurelia

The Menu: After the four-day pigout that was Thanksgiving weekend, we all needed something light and lovely for lunch today, and Aurelia made it happen. A fresh, easy soup of mushrooms, kale, mung bean noodles, tomatoes, and yellow bell pepper perfectly complemented a marinated, raw, kale salad. The tart, acidic marinade of the salad dressed up a bunch of beautiful purple kale that came in our organic box today.

The Goods: Most of us did not do such a hot job of avoiding the ol' overeating monster over the weekend, so get ready to see some wafer-thin meals this week. After stuffing ourselves silly with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and their various holiday cohorts, fresh veggies promise to bring us back to nutrient-dense reality. And for those of you who are hungry for recipes, today's salad will be in the January+February issue.

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