Thursday, November 8, 2007

Paella Penchant

The Chef: Jenny

The Menu: Holy crap. It's paella. As you can see, Jenny has once again outdone herself in making a gorgeous, tasty meal. So what we've got here is a paella with green beans, carrots, corn, and red bell pepper. According to Jenny, the little dome is the way that paella is always served in her house, and who are we to argue with something so fun to admire? Of course, we didn't admire it for very long before scarfing it down, but whatever. Surrounding her magnificent main dish we had little yam-flour based faux shrimp. Jenny cooked them up with some artichoke hearts and a curry mix packet that was intended for use on fish. The result? A decidedly non-fishy delicacy. Oh right, there's more. The third of her four-course meal was a garbanzo bean and diced tomato soup in broth, and then finishing everything off was a simple salad of sliced cucumber and parsely. Gah. So much good food, so little time!

The Goods: In case it wasn't already clear from her stunning presentation, Jenny is a total perfectionist when it comes to her food. We like that, and not just because it means that we get treated to amazing meals. (Okay, mainly because it means we get treated to amazing meals...)


Kristen's Raw said...

You are so fun! I am loving your blog. Cheers :)

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Uhh.. PLEASE share.