Thursday, May 20, 2010

Veggie Chili, Flavorful Kale

The Chef: Chas

The Menu: Hearty, flavorful veggie chili chockfull of carrots, black beans, kidney beans, onion, green beans, and crispy squares of spicy tofu comprised the majority of today's lunch, and man, are we happy about it. Chas also marinated kale, our favorite dark leafy green, with olive oil, braggs, and rice vinegar and served it steamed alongside one of his signature salads—halved olives included.

The Goods: One of the many reasons we love Chas is that he is king of salads. Don't get us wrong, we've adored every dish he's ever prepared, but there is nothing on par with a Chas Chiodo salad, dressed to perfection with just the right balance of olive oil, Braggs Liquid Aminos, and nutritional yeast. In other news, tonight marks the much anticipated, VN-sponsored Lyman v. Niman debate in Berkeley, Calif. The VN staff will be reporting live at this can't miss, edge-of-your-seat event, and we'll be covering all the details, as well as tweeting updates during the event to keep everyone up to speed.

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Ms. Veggie said...

So where are the recipes?