Wednesday, March 25, 2009

BBQ, We Love You!

The Chefs: Melissa and Frankie

The Menu: Ribs! Barbecue-sauce-smothered ribs, to be exact. If there's anything yummier than Frankie's famous falsie ribs (which of course means that they are deliciously meat-free), it's those very same ribs absolutely doused with her signature barbecue sauce. Um, yum. Melissa whipped up some of the most wonderful mashed potatoes ever. She imbued them with a certain something—OK, fine, we'll tell you, it's Sheese—which made them light, fluffy, and fantastically flavorful. To finish off the hearty meal, Melissa also made a lovely mixed-greens salad with cherry tomatoes, carrots, and Chipotle Pistachios. Fancy, you say? That's just how we like our salads—and pants.

The Goods: Maybe we hammered out the final details for our May+June cover yesterday. Maybe we're abso-freakin-lutely beside ourselves with glee about it. And maybe, just maybe, today's meal, which was completely delicious in its own right, felt even more celebratory knowing all the midnight oil that got burned last night. On days after long work-nights, it's always a good idea to eat something filling, flavorful, and smothered in barbecue sauce. Speaking of sauce, we'll be seeing all the Bay Areans at SF Vegan Drinks tomorrow, right?

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