Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Right-On Rice 'n' Beans

The Chef: Aurelia

The Menu: A delicious medley of brown basmati rice, chipotle chile-infused pinto beans, Native Kjalii Foods' Roasted Green Salsa and Roasted Molé Sauce, and Turtle Island Marinated Tempeh, all under a layer of melted nacho-style Teese. Yes, this was one of the most flavorful combinations we've had in a long while. Aurelia didn't stop there, and also busted out a light side salad and some lovely sautéed kale with onions and button mushrooms. We'll be in blissful, full-belly comas if anyone needs us.

The Goods: You really just can't go wrong with rice and beans, can you? Perfectly flavorful on their own, they also make an ideal base for any sauce, topping, condiment, or seasoning you could ever want to use in the kitchen. Do tell, what's your favorite rice-and-beans-based dish?


Janessa said...

Mmmmm. That looks pretty damn good.

My favorite rice and bean dish?
a black bean and rice burger, topped with a tofu/cashew cilantro "mayo" on some toasted como bread. Sometimes I throw some pickles on the side, too.

Andrea said...

I tasted (several times!)that marinated tempeh at the Natural Foods Expo East last fall here in Boston. What a fantastic product!
I better get fond of rice and beans; I'm told I'll be eating lots of it when we go to Costa Rica this summer.