Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cheese Week: Cheese-free Curry

The Chef: Aurelia

The Menu: A delicious meal that was as heavy on color as it was light on cheese. Ms. Aurelia busted out a multicolor masterpiece of red quinoa topped with a super-yummy yellow curry featuring Turtle Island's brand-new Coconut Curry Tempeh. Yeah, you read that right. Also currying favor with the ravenous VN staff were the sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, and collard greens that Aurelia heartily sauced up. Oh, yeah, that was just the main course. We also enjoyed oven-roasted purple cauliflower, carrots, and golden beets, and a fresh, lovely salad of mizuna, cucumber, avocado, and Sunergia Soyfoods' Mediterranean Herb Soy Feta.

The Goods: After two days of non-stop, non-dairy goodness, we were decidedly in the mood for a more whole-foods-type lunch, which Ms. Aurelia graciously provided. While we tend to eat pretty stinking well around the VNHQ, this meal passed muster with flying colors.

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