Monday, September 29, 2008

Homey Potatoes

The Chef: Jenny

The Menu: An almost-Thanksgiving spread of fluffy, hearty mashed potatoes with country gravy, roasted acorn squash, and fresh, steamed broccoli with spices. Yes, Ms. Jenny actually made country gravy from scratch just for this meal. Yes, it was savory and delicious and we love her.

The Goods: Today's comfort food couldn't have come at a better time, since today is our editorial deadline, we're gearing up for the unbe-freakin'-lieveable relaunch of, oh, and maybe this weekend we have a little party to throw and a World Veg Festival Weekend to celebrate. Of course, it would be difficult to say that there is ever a bad time for Thanksgiving-inspired lunches, but today's homey meal was especially appreciated.

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