Thursday, February 14, 2008

Raw Week: Taco Salad Fiesta

The Chef: Aurelia

The Menu: Super-fantastic Mexican food. Aurelia made an absolutely amazing raw refried-bean-style paté of soaked sunflower seeds, jalapeños, sun-dried tomatoes, and magic. Yes, magic is raw for those of you who might be wondering. Add to that a bed of romaine lettuce, her crispy flax-seed crackers, fresh lemon salad dressing, and an avocado-tomato salsa, and you get the majestic Mexican meal you see before you.

The Goods: Aurelia has the advantage of a dehydrator at home, and was so committed to raw week that she took the time to make her flax crackers in advance. Let's just say that we are some very lucky co-workers around these parts. Even though every meal this week has been more distinct and delicious than the last, there's a little something we want to come clean about. The office hasn't been 100-percent raw. It's true. The lunches, yes. The oh-god-it's-four-and-we're-starving snacks, not so much. Maybe there was some chocolate. Maybe someone, who shall remain nameless, brought in some fantastic Cuban arroz con leche. However, we're still darn proud of the varied, and very delectable meals that have been coming out of our un-kitchen this week. More to come tomorrow, on our Raw Week finale!


Ruby Red Vegan said...

It sounds like you're having so much fun with raw week! Those flax crackers sound goooood. If you're looking for a raw dessert for this week or later, I tried a really easy, fast, yummy one the other day - brownies! (

Courtney said...

I look so forward to reading about your delicious lunches. I swear, our next office will have a kitchen in it!

springsandwells said...

Hi VegNews buddies!
How's everyone feeling after eating raw food for lunch all week? Less hungry, more hungry? More energetic, less energetic? I'd be curious to know!

:) Amey M.

Dave Johnson said...

This would be popular in Mexico!