Monday, July 18, 2011

Pizza with Fiona Ma

The Chef: Anna and Patxi's Chicago Pizza

The Menu: Patxi's deep-dish vegan pizza, filled with spinach, red onion, chopped garlic, and quite a bit of Daiya mozzarella cheese

The Dish: Today I and the rest of the VegNews staff received a double treat: Patxi's deep-dish vegan pizza delivered by none other than California Assemblymember Fiona Ma! We all had a tasty and thought-provoking lunch, discussing topics such as the pros and cons of ballot initiatives, the use of social media in politics, and whether or not there is a better slice of vegan deep-dish out there (the consensus was no). For dessert, I'm already dreaming about the popsicles on this week's VegNews TV. Orange creamsicle? Yes please.

The VegNews staff with Assemblymember Ma!

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