Thursday, December 13, 2007

Crazy-Good Coconut Rice

The Chef: Jenny

The Menu: That's right, this rice was so good, it was crazy. Coconut milk and raisins made this main more like dessert than lunch, and have you ever heard us complain about dessert? Didn't think so. The soup she made was easily one of the most amazing can rehabs we'd ever seen. Starting with just plain ol' canned lentil soup, Jenny managed to create an amazing, squashy coconut-milk infused soup with carrots and corn that was rich and sweet, but totally not overwhelming. This meal was simply amazing, and to prove it there isn't any left!

The Goods: We've been going a little crazy with cookies, cakes, candies, and all other varieties of sweets in the office since the big year-end bash last Friday. Today's lunch was the perfect complement to the sweet stuff, with the added bonus of a little nutritional value.


VeggieGirl said...

wow, that coconut rice sounds more like a decadent rice-pudding dish!! yum!! paired with the soup, it makes for a nutritious lunch - great selection!!

Timmy said...

This sounds wonderful! Are you planning on posting the recipes for these meals? I would definitely love them.