Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pasta e Tofurky

The Chef: Chas

The Menu: Perfectly cooked Racconto Essentials rigatoni pasta mixed with slices of zesty, seasoned Tofurky Italian sausage all tossed in a spicy marinara sauce made up the bulk of this Italian feast. Chas continued the Mediterranean theme by tossing halved olives into our mixed greens salad, adding a savory kick to the accompanying avocado, tomato, cucumber, shredded carrot, and broccoli. The inclusion of homemade crispy tofu squares to our salad and several servings of bread made this one hearty, heavenly meal.

The Goods: In case there was any doubt, we think this meal sets the record straight: We love carbs! This spread of Italian goodies was exactly what we needed to warm us up on this slightly chilly, overcast Thursday afternoon. Despite the lazy weather outside, we're hard at work indoors as we put the finishing touches on our July+August Anniversary issue. If you can hardly contain your excitement for said issue, we suggest you join the club—okay, so right now the club is us, but we're totally fun. Make sure to order your advance copy today to receive our largest, most celebratory issue yet.

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