Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Egg-Free Frittata, Romaine Salad

The Chef: Elizabeth

The Menu: An egg-free frittata chockfull of tangy green chiles that Elizabeth prepared with one part Lucini Italia's line of Cinque e' Cinque Traditional Frittata mix, and one part, well, green chiles. Elizabeth paired this perfect brunch main with a crunchy salad comprised of chopped romaine, cucumbers, halved cherry tomatoes, and pinto beans.

The Goods: You may have noticed that we're sort of obsessed with Lucini's frittata mixes, as evidenced by the fact that we are constantly eating them. We're not sure why these mixes—free of dairy, soy, and gluten—taste so so fantastic, but from their spicy, punchy flavor to their fluffy, satisfying texture, we fear our beloved tofu scramble has officially been replaced. Oh, and if you were wondering, each serving—42 grams per VN staffer, give or take—packs a whopping nine grams of protein, officially trumping its animal-product counterpart.

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Anonymous said...

Pleaseeeeeee where can they be purchased?

Online, local (Tucson, AZ)?