Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yellow Curry and Yummy Cupcakes

The Chef: Charlotte

The Menu: A satisfying meal of homemade yellow curry and rice. Today's plate is deceptively simple-looking: this curry was utterly rich and very flavorful. It wasn't just the curry itself that was yellow, but pretty much all the veggies kept up the flaxen theme. Yukon gold potatoes, baby corn, wax beans, and tomatoes (just for their pop of red, of course) swam in a decadent coconut-milk broth.

The Goods: As if lunch hadn't been indulgent enough, we ate the world's fanciest cupcakes for dessert. Tessa Strauss of Cookies and Candids stopped by for lunch with her charming friend Julie, and brought with her what were easily the best cupcakes we've had all year. No joke, these things were incredible, as you can see below. On the left, you see her amazing champagne cupcake with white-chocolate icing and fancy, sparkly sprinkles. On the right, um, maybe that's a chocolate-almond masterpiece topped with a layer of marzipan (eeek!), chocolate-almond frosting, and a feverish chocolate swirl for flair. Um, dead. Dead is what we are. Gosh, you say, these sweets must have certainly maxed out your capacity for eating awesome vegan things. That, friends, is where you would be wrong. Ms. Laura Beck, whom you know and love, brought in homemade caramelized-banana ice cream. Did we mention that we are dead? It's a fact. Go forth, and be sugary.


Peter said...

those cupcakes look awesome, Tessa...I'd say kudos, but they are not so instead I will say "amazing looking cupcakes!!"
Can't wait to try one of those!!

Ceri said...

Wow! I'm loving the look of those cupcakes! :-D

Wendy said...

I want one of those cupcakes too! They look absolutely scrumptious.