Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The Chef: Ronald's Donuts

The Menu: Freakin' vegan doughnuts. Get ready to freak out. Bearclaws, jelly-filled, custard-filled, glazed, and apple-filled doughnuts are officially on the Café VegNews menu.

The Goods: Holy crap. Any day that involves a box of doughnuts shipped straight from the source in Vegas is a good day to us. Our long-time friend and treat-supplier Rey Ortega was recently in Sin City and was kind enough to think of us. Unforutnately, Ronald's doesn't yet have their own website, but the ever-trustworthy reviewers at Happy Cow have already weighed in on these amazing goodies. The fluffy, sugary indulgences are so similar to their non-vegan counterparts that Rey's suspicions were aroused. Ever the cautious vegan, he sent a sample out to a food lab in New Jersey to test for animal ingredients. That's right, he's that picky. We are thrilled to report that Ronald's got a clean bill of vegan health. Okay, not so much health—these are still doughnuts we're talking about—but they're animal-free and damn tasty. Thanks Rey!


Anonymous said...

Hey!! You stole those from me! ha ha
I think I gave you too many. I want them back now that I see this picture.

ha ha


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Oh man, I have been dying to try Ronald's Donuts for ages!! Some friends & I have been considering chipping in money to have 1 person fly out & buy tons for everyone! I'd pay $10 for a bear claw!

MeloMeals said...

I love your blog! (and your magazine)

Amey said...

Obviously, VegNews is THE place to work. Shipments of vegan doughnuts??? That's insane.

Erin said...

Ronald: I will build the website if it means I can order these online to get shipped to my house!